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This is an index of all of the Coast to Coast Radio Examiner articles I have posted at  Each time a new article is published there, it will be added to this index.  This should make it much easier for you to find the article you're looking for.

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Article Index

Afterlife and Near Death Experiences 

Alex Jones

Alex Jones speaks out against Ted Turner and global one child policyAlex Jones: Federal Reserve will own U.S. in 8 months

Angels & Spirit Guides

Coast to Coast Archives

Coast to Coast archives: The Zombie Survival Guide

Conspiracy Theories

Covert medical experiments? This isn't the first time and it won't be the last

Dr. Bob Curran discusses man-made monsters and Frankenstein
Galen Cook says DB Cooper will be identified in 2011

Demonic Possession 


Birnes of 'UFO Hunters' discusses disclosure, conspiracies, cover-ups





If you read about it in The Enquirer, it must be the truth
Were Jean Dixon's predictions in The National Enquirer accurate?

In The News

Kennedy Assassination


Linda Moulton Howe



Coast to Coast guest says children need to discover their 'Cosmic Super-selves'


Glynis McCants predicts Julian Assange will get payback in 2011

Richard C. Hoagland 

Richard C. Hoagland: 'The Goldilocks Planet' and "The Event"


Stephen Hawking

Reports are wrong: Stephen Hawking did NOT say there is no God


George Noory talks Twilight Zone with widow of Rod Serling 

Time Travel

Coast to Coast listener finds evidence of Time Traveler 1928 Chaplin film


Gerald Celente: Top trends analyst looks at unemployment statistics
Gerald Celente: Top trends analyst says we're being governed by class president
Whitley Strieber   


Coast to Coast archives: The Zombie Survival Guide

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