Friday, January 21, 2011

I believe in every drop of rain that falls....

A Navy reconnaissance plane radar clearly loca...Image via WikipediaMy name is Donna Anderson, today is Friday, January 21, 2011, it's 5:30 am, the temperature outside is in the single digits and there are 4 inches of brand new snow on the ground.  Seems like a perfectly fine day to start the new year to me, so here we go.  Happy New Year and good riddance to 2010!

I'm not going to go into all of the gorey details of 2010 but suffice to say it was horrible and I never want to go through anything like that ever again.

However, they say God doesn't close a door without opening a window (which seems pretty ridiculous on a day like today) and so far, it's been my experience, that the air smells wonderfully fresh and clean after the rain.  For example, two computers were stolen.  But one needed a new graphics card and a memory upgrade and the other was riddled with difficult to remove viruses.  Insurance paid to replace only one but who works on more than one computer at a time anyway?

The car was destroyed in a wreck but it was getting old and just a little tired and needed some work.  Insurance paid to replace that, too.  Yes, I have a car payment again, but I would have had to do some extensive repair work on the other car, anyway, so I still would have been out a chunk of money.

During the ensuing recovery period after the wreck I lost a lot of clients and took down my blog which was developing quite a following and was full of lots of fresh, informative content.  I've been thinking about putting it back up and a lot of people are asking me to do just that.  But here's the thing:

That blog was a big time suck.  I sometimes spent 4 hours, 6 hours or even 8 or more hours, working up those blog posts.  And, while the people who came to that blog enjoyed reading those posts and learned a few things about Internet Marketing, and some even became my friends, my time would have been much better spent promoting my writing to people who would have actually paid for it.

So the blog is down and after much consideration I think it will stay down.  Long live Beamer and the 'Dome, Rest in Peace and all that other happy horse shit.  This is a New Year and it's time to make some changes.

The loss of clients was, in the beginning, a major cause for panic.  I'd worked long and hard to develop that list and what's a freelance writer to do with no clients to market to?  But looking out that window toward the horizon I realized that article and ebook writing was never my goal anyway.  I'm basically starting all over again but aimed in the right direction this time.

I kind of like this new home.  I'm nothing if not tenacious, like a Timex watch I take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.  And cats?  Well, cats suck.  I'm not a cat person.  They're cold and sneaky creatures, not to be trusted and no matter what you think, they are NOT using that litter box all the time.  Just wait until the next time you vacuum behind the sofa.

You'll find no tips on 'How to Make Money Online' here.  You may occasionally find a tip or two about how to make money writing or how to make money with or how to write an ebook.  But they'll be the exception rather than the rule this time around. 

It's no longer my goal to help you make money working online.  It's been my experience that you're very happy to come here and read my tips and take my freebies and you might even buy a few articles, as long as they're dirt cheap and they'll pass Copyscape.  But it's time to get serious and start reaching for my own stars, thank you very much.  And my goal was never to become a teacher or an article whore.

Hence, this new home.  I'll be coming here to blog now, about whatever is on my mind at the moment.  I wrote an article once about how difficult it is some days to just get started writing and one of the best ways to get over that hump was just to start.  Start writing anything and after 10 or 12 minutes you'll feel the engine kick over and you'll be off and running for the day.  That's what I'm going to use this blog for.

So who knows what you'll find here from day to day.

For anyone interested, I'm currently working, in between articles and ebooks, on a series of articles about the Kennedy Assassination.  After a series of articles I wrote for, I was contacted by an ex-FBI agent who had some involvement in the case and I promised him I'd get his message out to the world.  I plan to have these articles ready for publication by Saturday or Sunday and some will be published at  The others I'll be either selling to the highest bidder or putting out for syndication.  

So, you see, I'm still here and I'm still writing.  The wallpaper has changed and so has my direction.  But it's all good.  I've got plenty of windows left, God.  Bring it on!

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